About Pennsylvania Books Online.

Dear Reader,

If you are like me, then working around books and people that love reading and talking about them is about the best job you could ever have.

I worked in corporate America for 35 years and after I, along with 35 co-workers, came to be forced out of our jobs due to a take over I knew I had to reevaluate my work.

I have run reading circles and book clubs for 2 decades and dabbled with selling books via eBay for a few years. After my husband passed and left a huge collection of sports books (think a 4 car garage FULL of books) to me I mobilized. With the help of my to adult sons we organized, cataloged and over 18,000 individual books. You wont find all of these listed here, just our best sellers and really interesting titles.

I hope you find something you like here and if you are looking for something then please just email me at [email protected]

Happy reading!

Antonia Fike

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